What all attractions have in common is their link with the water. Because sailing will relax everyone, and looking above the waterline will really calm you down. Because the Maas offers endless possibilities to adventure and recreation. Because the Maas is the heart of Rotterdam.

Lasergame Rotterdam
Whoever comes here for the Lasergame, will find themselves in a very mysterious place. You will step into the hold of a ship. The imagination will speak for itself.

Segway Rotterdam
Move through Rotterdam on a Segway. With this unique transportation device moving through the city will make sightseeing dynamic and relaxing.

Splashtours offers a ‘different-than-normal’ city tour through Rotterdam. A tour with this unique amphibian bus will make for an unforgettable day.

Escaping Rotterdam
Trying to get out of an escape room is an unique experience. Even the most smartest cookies will have a tough time with the puzzles. Every escape room has it’s own special theme.


At the Zwarte Zwaan we have a variety of workshops. Whether it’s a cocktails workshop or a course on how to speak like a real Rotterdammer, we have it all!

Cocktail Workshop
Shaking, stirring, blending or straining? Mojito, Mai-Tai, Jellyfish or Cosmopolitan? All these things will be taught at our cocktailworkshop.

Rum Quiz
At the Rum Quiz you will get familiar with all kinds of different rum. Explore rum as the quality distillate that goes perfectly together with a Malt Whisky or a XO Cognac.

Wine tasting
At our base tasting “What Am I Tasting” you will get to know different wines with different characters. During this tasting you will taste five different wines.

Lunch, dining and having a drink

Want to combine your Splashtours trip with a dinner? Restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan offers fun arrangements. The splashbus will end in front of our door, so can you join us afterwards for an amazing dinner.

Restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan
De Zwarte Zwaan is the ultimate location for groups. Because of our spectacular interior, but also the casual atmosphere and great view over the Maas.

Pass the night

How fun is it to pass the night in Rotterdam in a hotel after an unforgettable day. We work together with different hotels in our area.

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Unfortunately, all our activities until May 19 have been canceled due to the corona virus. Of course, bookings can be changed to another date. We hope to welcome everyone again soon!

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