Escape Experience


Per person

EscapeXperience € 29,50

Arrangement including dinner € 58,00 Arrangement including dinner and drinks € 71,00

Partaking in the escape room is possible from 16 years. This arrangement is for groups from 17 up to 34 persons. Prices are inclusive of VAT.


When assaulting an English boat Michiel De Ruyter came home with a big catch. Michiel de Ruyter, however, didn’t know the English had a smart plan. Michiel de Ruyter would not enjoy his catch for a long period of time…..Will you be able to deactivate the bomb in time? Will you find all hints to open the chest? Cooperate, find clues, solve puzzles, find codes and deactivate the bomb! You have only 60 minutes…..

Divide the tasks, be smart and play the game. The Escape Experience is a wonderful active game for large groups.

This arrangement includes:
  • EscapeXperience, 60 minutes
  • The drink consists of 2 appetizers and 2 drinks per person
Terms and Conditions:
  • Partaking in the escape room is possible from 16 years
  • Mimimum person to play this game is 20 or more
  • Please be with us 20 minutes prior to the game
  • The game is played in a shielded part of our restaurant
  • Groups up to 16 persons can reserve our escape rooms
  • Groups between 17 and 25 persons can reserve the Escape Experience
  • Groups between 25 and 50 persons can reserve the Engine Room XL
  • For larger groups we will make a rotation planning

Escaping Rotterdam website (english)

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This arrangement can easily be expanded. You can choose one of the various combination packages for your outing. When you make a reservation, you can add the activities that you like. If you can’t figure out your arrangement, don’t hesitate to call us, we would love to help.


The location of this activity is at the Parkhaven, opposite the Euromast (Navigational address: Parkhaven 9). At the ship ‘De Zwarte Zwaan’ you’ll find our lasertag arena and the escape room of Escaping Rotterdam.

The Parkhaven can be easily reached by public transportation and there are enough (paid) parking places available. For more information about our location check the ‘Location and parking‘ page.


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