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Are you busy organizing a group outing? Zwarte Zwaan Events offers plenty of possibilities for the perfect group outing, whether it concerns a group outing for a company, family party, group of friends or family. You can easily book our attractions online. Also in combination with another activity or lovely lunch, drink or diner.

Zwarte Zwaan Events considers each outing as unique outing. After all, each group is different. So, actually we deliver customized outings. We would like to think along with you. We are always looking for a customized arrangement which fits you and your budget best.

  • Splashtours: The city tour can be adapted to your company’s wishes, thus creating a personal outing. Splashtours has the perfect guide for any outing. More info.
  • Round tour: You can book an unique round tour with Zwarte Zwaan Events. With own course, choice between eating unlimited pancakes or catering. More info.
  • You can also book a guided Segway tour. The Segways can also be used in other cities. More info.

We offer unique, customized combinations. Zwarte Zwaan will be more than willing to assist you and compose a perfect program.  If you rent a hostess, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We kindly invite you on board to discuss all possibilities. For more information, please contact

Our base

The ship The Black Swan is a ship with a rich history, and now serves as our base. The Black Swan is located on the Parkhaven, at the foot of the Euromast. From Parkhaven it is only 10 minutes to the center of Rotterdam with both car and public transport.

The ship has three floors. On the top floor (the floor of the entrance) is the cozy restaurant, the Black Swan. On the middle floor is the office and on the lower floor, in ‘the hold’ partially below the waterline, is our 300 m2 Lasergame arena. The attraction Splash Tours, Sightseeing Rotterdam and Segway Rotterdam have their start and end in front of the Black Swan.

Activities are organized in collaboration with Buitenplaats Vlaardingen in the Euromast Park.

From our base, The Black Swan, is every conceivable group organizing corporate family and bachelorette getaway.


The Black Swan is located at Parkhaven . There are 3 ample (free) parking spaces for buses/touringcars. For passenger cars there are more than enough parking spaces. Keep in mind that the parking is paid for passenger cars until 18:00. This can be done by pin / credit card at the ticket machine at the Parkhaven . You can also log on to Park Mobile. Also aboard The Black Swan we can sign
your license plate for you, to avoid a long wait at the parking meter.

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Unfortunately, all our activities until May 19 have been canceled due to the corona virus. Of course, bookings can be changed to another date. We hope to welcome everyone again soon!

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